Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shitty conversation with sales girl

So as i promised as in my twitter, 
I want to tell u guys about my shitty conversation that i had in last Friday at The Mines.. 

Well, there was this one sales girl who wanted to promote her bussiness to me, its like i have to pay about rm3.6k for 10 treatments. Honestly, i am quite interesting to join in, like why not? I think i should give a try for it.. Especially after that girl cut down the actual price from 3.6k to rm1288 if im not mistaken.. Since she told me that i look like a student, and she can convinced her manager to give me the student price.. 

I told her that i am interested but i have to tell my husband 1st n disscuss with him cuz he's the one that gonna pay the bill. Besides, its not just about money.. Its about time for i have to spend about 2-3 hours for every treatment i do.

Suddenly, she changed and started to show her true color. She asked me why should i ask my husband? "Why dont you decide something for yourself? You're working and you should have your own money.."

I replied 
"Its about money and time, now everything i do.. I will ask my husband's permission. And i have to respect his decission. If he says yes, then i'll proceed but if he says no then i just to follow what he says.. That's it" 

That sales girl : 
Aiyooo do u feel happy in that way? That your husband control what are you want to do? Hello Nurul, marriage is just an agreement on a paper, the rest remain the same. U cannot let him control you maaaaaa 

Me : 
-can still smiling althought her words were deeply hurt me- 
"Im so sorry, i still have to ask his permission and yes.. I am happy in this way :)"

Krik krik... 

She went out for minutes to disscuss something with her manager.. 

The conversations after that were something similar, she hardly persuaded me to join it immediately.. I honestly can tell u guys her intonation was so polite but the fact that she told me i need to ignore my husband was really really made me mad.. How could you advice something like that to somebody just because u want to promote your bisnes? What kind of human you are? 
Please stop doing that sister.. 
That's totally not nice.. 

Till then, bye

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