Thursday, October 09, 2014

My BF journey


Here's the thing, i've actually started to write this post since yesterday,
but it wasn't complete yet, as i got something to do.. therefore, i simply shut my fon down.
& of course i forgot to save such post, and taraa.. when i about to continue writing, i was surprised to see that this post was still blank. Zzzz....

so i gotta start to write this post from all over again. pheww.. there goes my muqoddimah.
Ok, to be frank..
my bf journey isn't really fancy to be compared with others. i just would like to share my bf journey here so that i wont forget every single thing of it, the moment i became a mother to my baby..
it was so beautiful & indescribable. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah.. =)

al kisahnya..

tentang bf, pada aku.. siapa yg tanak bf baby sendiri kan?
Mak mane yg tergamak tanak bf anak2 dia kan? sebab semua mak2 dalam dunia ni tau yg BM is the best milk in the world, but the struggle to complete at least 2 years of bf.. i tell u what aa, it's not as easy as abc.. especially for those working mommies =)

so, aku telah start belajar pasal bf ni, masa aku join ANC class with hubby last year.. i was 7 months preggy masa tu. and honestly.. masa tu, aku tak amek pusing sgt bab bf ni. sebab aku fikir, alaa senang je bf ni, dpt baby nnt latching je la. haha. rasa mcm nak pukul diri sendiri balik je masa tu.
aku cume fokus bab2 nak bersalin, ubat ape yg option, how to differ braxton hicks & real contraction,
bla bla.. bab BF? Zero... hihi..

so lepas deliver Umar dulu, about 2 hours after deliver, aku terus nak try bf my baby.. i let him latching & alhamdulillah it went well, but honestly.. i was not so sure whether i already had milk during time or he just latched w/a.. hihi.. and aku mule buat research pasal nak buat stock ebm semua tu pun dlm pantang.

when Umar almost reaches his 1st month of life, baru la aku terkedek kedek nak gi beli Breast Pump.. beli brand murah pulak tu, haha my fren yg suggest.. Tp so far ok je. so moralnye, jangan ingat barang murah tak worth it tauuu =)

so my biggest mistakes when i'm on leaves was... aku tak buat banyak stock! Grr... ni pun rasa mcm nak cubit diri sendiri. Bila tengok kwn2 semua stock buat ebm sampai 40-50 bags. aku??? 20 bags je. haha.
sebab tak konsisten waktu pam & pam ikut mood.. 


Sori sbb post ni tergantung. Dah lama peruk entry ni dlm draft,.. So hari ni saje publish. Kalau rajin nnt aku sambung okeh? InshaAllah 😊