Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Risau gemok tapi kuat makan

I just had macaroni tomatoe & choc cheese cake for my breakky. Having said that, i know i am such kuat makan type of person.. 

Well that's just me even before i got married.. I also kuat makan type of person and everyone arounds me knows that haha 

But... Yes a typical short post must have a 'but' to make it sounds better. But recently, i realized that my weight doesn't goes back to d normal weight like i used to have. Well b4 i got married, my weight was just around 45-47kg.. Now that i already had a baby, after confinement and everything.. It maintains around 49-50.. And now, it increases to 51-52kg. Im quite feeling scared n a lil bit of worry, yet im still with my old habbit.. Eat eat n keep eating, without doing any work outs or have a proper diet etc.. Ahh hate it. I want to maintain slim.. Help! 

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