Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shitty conversation with sales girl

So as i promised as in my twitter, 
I want to tell u guys about my shitty conversation that i had in last Friday at The Mines.. 

Well, there was this one sales girl who wanted to promote her bussiness to me, its like i have to pay about rm3.6k for 10 treatments. Honestly, i am quite interesting to join in, like why not? I think i should give a try for it.. Especially after that girl cut down the actual price from 3.6k to rm1288 if im not mistaken.. Since she told me that i look like a student, and she can convinced her manager to give me the student price.. 

I told her that i am interested but i have to tell my husband 1st n disscuss with him cuz he's the one that gonna pay the bill. Besides, its not just about money.. Its about time for i have to spend about 2-3 hours for every treatment i do.

Suddenly, she changed and started to show her true color. She asked me why should i ask my husband? "Why dont you decide something for yourself? You're working and you should have your own money.."

I replied 
"Its about money and time, now everything i do.. I will ask my husband's permission. And i have to respect his decission. If he says yes, then i'll proceed but if he says no then i just to follow what he says.. That's it" 

That sales girl : 
Aiyooo do u feel happy in that way? That your husband control what are you want to do? Hello Nurul, marriage is just an agreement on a paper, the rest remain the same. U cannot let him control you maaaaaa 

Me : 
-can still smiling althought her words were deeply hurt me- 
"Im so sorry, i still have to ask his permission and yes.. I am happy in this way :)"

Krik krik... 

She went out for minutes to disscuss something with her manager.. 

The conversations after that were something similar, she hardly persuaded me to join it immediately.. I honestly can tell u guys her intonation was so polite but the fact that she told me i need to ignore my husband was really really made me mad.. How could you advice something like that to somebody just because u want to promote your bisnes? What kind of human you are? 
Please stop doing that sister.. 
That's totally not nice.. 

Till then, bye

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Risau gemok tapi kuat makan

I just had macaroni tomatoe & choc cheese cake for my breakky. Having said that, i know i am such kuat makan type of person.. 

Well that's just me even before i got married.. I also kuat makan type of person and everyone arounds me knows that haha 

But... Yes a typical short post must have a 'but' to make it sounds better. But recently, i realized that my weight doesn't goes back to d normal weight like i used to have. Well b4 i got married, my weight was just around 45-47kg.. Now that i already had a baby, after confinement and everything.. It maintains around 49-50.. And now, it increases to 51-52kg. Im quite feeling scared n a lil bit of worry, yet im still with my old habbit.. Eat eat n keep eating, without doing any work outs or have a proper diet etc.. Ahh hate it. I want to maintain slim.. Help! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Kisah Laki Bini

Jatuh cinta ku padanya buat yang seratus juta kali.. 

"Abang, dorang dah sampai" ujarku padanya 

"Cepat2 pegi sarung stoken & pakai hand sock" 

"Alaa stoken ain tengah basuh.. Hand socks pun, ain pakai cardigan je la eh?" Tipuku padanya sebab aku malas pakai kedua benda tu. 

"Nanti kat kubur boleh jawab mcm tu ke? Pegi amek stoken abg, sarung kt kaki baby cepat" 

"Baik abg sayangg" 

Terus aku capai dua perkara penting itu yg menjadi kewajiban aku setiap kali bertemu yg bukan muhrem.. 

Nampak macam simple? Tp inilah yg berlaku dlm sehari hari hidup kami suami isteri.. Aku ni bukanlah solehah sgt, tp selalu bersyukur yg aku dpt suami soleh.. Kadang2 rasa tak layak pun. Tapi setelah disuruh suami utk sentiasa mengikut syariat, aku akur dalam ketaatan walau syaitan kadang2 menggoda.. Namun kugagahkan diri agar dpt menepis godaan setan2 tersebut..  

Ya Allah, berilah aku taufiq hidayah.. Dan jadikanlah aku sebagai hambaMu yg taat akan segala perintahMu.. 

Benar, kata mereka.. Cinta yang benar, akan membawa ke syurga :) 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Funday

I've always thinking up to write something, and post it here.. So that i could ensure my blog is still alive however when i start to write anything, i'll be suddenly stop by my restricted ideas or maybe less vocabs? Too many things to share yet i got no skills to rephrase them in words.. I guess i just need to read more... Till then, bye 😘