Friday, December 21, 2012

Mini Aquarium

Mini aquarium? 
never in my mind i would think of having one..
but if there's anyone out there is willingly give me such thing as a present, 
therefore i would humbly take it and appreciate it much..
hee ^^
so here's the story begins..
mr.fiance gave me his mini aquarium as for he's leaving to India 
and he afraid that no one would
take care of his cutie lil belonging
while he's not around..

see, this pic (below) was taken like 5 months ago..
what a memory, wuwu
the truth is, i'd promise to myself that i'll only 
go and buy some creatures to be put inside of it,
once when he's got back home (here in Malaysia)
since i don't wanna miss him that much, (ouch~)
you know the feelings when your love one is not around and 
the complications of contact him while he's on khuruj in the path of Allah..
which is too hurtful ='(
but nevermind since i take all that as my tarbiyah,
 besides that we haven't married yet,
so i gotta learn to control this feelings and only pure out them all once we got married soon, inshaAllah..
let's together we pray for our best, and yours (readers who's still single) too. aminn =) 

opsieeee kan da tersasar topic. haha,
oke let's get back on track!  

       this one is imported from instagram. a week before he's travelling to India.. 

i let it all alone empty and hide it (mini aquarium) in a box so i couldn't see it,
pathetic enough, was it? lol.. that was made purposely to reduce the rindu2an feelings.
and trust me, now i feel like laughing. haha. 

when he's back in Malaysia.. about one month after,
me decided to bring out the mini aquarium from the i place i used to hide it,
and carefully clean it out with water, brush it and so forth..
and i went to the pet shop, to buy the small fishes. hee
 i bought only 3 type of fishes, oke.. at 1st, i was thinking of betta fish
and i want to buy it, but the pet shop employee didn't recommend me to have one 
since this kind of betta fish would die like - very easily. 

so i just buy another type of small fishes, i pick them all in a different tank,
sorry for i forgot the fishes types, but his mom told him that my small fishes really looks like ikan sepat, haha, is it? idk. as long as they're cute then it's okay to me ^^

         taaarrrraaaa~! cute enough isn't it? ^^ 

and this is what i bought last week... 
(wait up, actually abg cik yg belikan, me mintak tolong dia je, hehe)

its the aquarium filter! ^^ 

the new look after aquarium filter is added too. Can you spot anything different in this? yes! you're right.
Mr.teddy rabbit gotta be moved down there.. hehe ^^

end of story. oh yeah, anyway.. with the existent of this aquarium filter, i can clean out this cutie tank only for once in a month (unlike before, once in a week tau, hihi) 

that's it.
Have you ever heard of being happy with the small & little things?
guess that this is part of mine. 
it maybe little tiny to anyone, yet it makes me happy =) 

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