Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good Bye 2012!

Cepatnyaa masa berlalu kan? 
rasa mcm baru smalam masuk 2012, n now it's leaving us like in... next week!

well time flies away so fast, its undeniably true.. yet i did fulfilled my time with lots of memorable activities. So sad for its leaving too fast and i couldn't capture one n note it down as my diary..
somehow, i need to embrace the fact. That imma lady now, well i'll turn to 24 next year.. Tuanyaa aku. Hihi
Tomorrow family pegi cameron, n as usual.. im d one who's gonna being left all alone at homie since i've to work till Friday..
Oke. Back to basic. With working mode on! Hey ho! hey ho! :)
In b4.. i would love to post up some of my insta pics here.. hee

rupa orang yg suke makan sambil drive.. isk isk. hihi 

Okebai! =) 

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