Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mumble Grumble

the acknowledgement
this is what im going to face for about 16 weeks
talking about the Din,
am not the one who has the right to talk over it..
but i will try someday,
gaining n learning things for it shown that im not easily giving up
kept questioning myself,
am i really ready for it?
it's for the future.
To the life with full of barakah, lillahi taala...
so why shouldn't i give a shot?
everyone deserve it....
it's just us.. whether to accept it or not
but then again,
ask yourself,
what's your purpose of living in this world?

aiming for higher target,
strive for the best future..
life with full of Barakah, Lillahi Taala..

Allah knows best  =)

everything has been figured out, except on how to live

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