Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bercakap tentang emas

been awake by an incoming call in the middle of the night 
n had a long conversation till that it makes me fresh enough
and at the end.. 
i couldn't get back to sleep. 

today, im gonna talk about the gold.
im not really good in the gold stuff 
but i just wanna share something i knew..

some people, 
Bila dah lama-lama pakai emas.. tak kesah la ape jenis emas pun, 
either 999, 916, 850 atau 750..
warna emas tu makin lama kian luntur. 
Mungkin faktor slalu terdedah kat acidic thing, habuk debu, makanan,
atau daki2 anda sendiri ke.. haha. =P
no offence yep, this is like really happening.
Even thought the gold is not gonna tarnish, yet it can get dirty so easily
we already know that...
hence.. the color isn't gonna shine like the 1st time u ever put it on your skin.
Am i right? 

Normally, lepas jadi mcm ni.. orang akan hantar emas mereka tersebut ke mana-mana 
kedai emas berdekatan untuk cuci emas tu. 
im not sure about the price, my mom told me.. around rm10 utk sekali cuci, 
lepas tu emas anda akan kembali bersinar seperti anda baru membelinya semalam =)

Do you know how's the process could have been done?
heard this from a fren
she said that... 
the jewelers that clean your gold, 
they have their own hidden method that we might not know
contohnya.. rendam emas tu dalam air,
not sure what type of air it is...
so with the water.. 
emas2 yg kotor ni akan turun jatuh, dan terhakis dengan senang lenangnya...
dan tinggalah emas yg tak terhakis ni (emas baru) 
Nampak tak? Kat sini sape yg rugi? 
Cuba pegi timbang balik..
tengok brape mg bole hilang emas kat situ? 
Dan emas2 yg tinggal dalam air tersebut, dorang takkan nak buang mcm tu saje..
dorang akan tapis dia.. dan kumpul dgn baki2 emas lain utk dileburkan...
bile da lebur, dapat la buat emas yang baru. 
win win ~ 
emas anda kelihatan baru (tapi mungkin berkurang berat mg sedikit)
The jewelers jugak dapat emas lama (baki2) tapi masih bole diproses baru < untung di situ 

cara untuk elak berat mg emas anda hilang begitu saja..
you all can try this one method which is by 
cleaning your gold with the Colgate =)
im really talking about the colgate toothpaste 
well, i havent try it yet..
but some frens said that it works! 
petua orang lama-lama katanya...

Caranya mudah saje..

  • use an old toothbrush & the toothpaste to gently scrub off grime 
  • scrub it well, smoothly for couple of minutes
  • then simply rinse them with clean water

Then you'll get your shiny miny priceless gold back =D
Best of luck darlas~!

bercakap-cakap tentang emas ni, 
sape tahu.. brape harga emas skarang ye?
since nak dekat raya ni... harga emas sepatutnye naik melambung,
ade yg kate sampai rm200 per gram,
but ade yg perasan cume rm178 per gram..
whatever it is.... be wise in buying the gold.
Jangan beli time nak dekat2 dgn ape2 festive, sure harga naik mendadak masa tu..
emas adalah pelaburan yang baik, tak rugi pun anda membelinya skarang
sebab harga ia akan sentiasa naik.

and.. actually,
im not really sure either it's the right time for me to talk over this stuff, 
cuz im just 22 n turning 23 at the end of this year
somebody used to accuse that orang pakai emas ni looks like the oldies (makcik2 gitu).. =_="

should i get offended with such words? 
Nahhh~ of course i shouldn't =) 
and im trying to be wise instead 

Becuz in fact, 
i know that this is like an investment. Real investment. 
you pay for something really worth, and it's for your future. 
u might gonna use it someday, even if it's not for an accessories
they (the gold) are becoming your asset already 

So frens, lets start saving..
n buy the gold. 
trust me, its really worth it =) 

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